INSTANT FLIGHT are a London based band influenced by Classic Rock of the 60's & 70's with their own Psychedelic/Rock/Blues/Folk tone. 

A first line-up of the band had 2guitars (Marco Magnani & David Hale), bass (Sunil Andrews) & drums (Ai Niikura) around 1999. The name of the band was suggested first by bassist Sunil Andrews since they were performing one of Marco's songs called " Instant Flight" . Their self titled EP came out in 2001 with a different line-up: Marco Magnani on guitar, Ai Niikura on drums, Lucie Rejchrtova' on keyboards & Tommy Kanai on bass & backing vocals. 

It was at a 60's club night called "The Electric Orange" that Marco, Ai and Tommy met Lucie, while James Ovens, their future drummer, was one of the DJs. Instant Flight played with bassist Matthew King for a few months, performing the material for an album to come. Their first album "Colours & Lights" was released  in 2004 by Beard Of Stars Records (CD & Vinyl, Produced by Gary Ramon, leader of Sundial) and had 60's legend Arthur Brown on 2 songs as special guest.  This album had a change of line-up with Andrew Browning (bass), James Ovens (drums), Marco Magnani (guitars and vocals) & Lucie Rejchrtova (keyboards, accordion and backing vocals). How the collaboration with Arthur Brown came on board was due to a day when Lucie played piano as a busker at Monument London Underground station. Mr. Brown passed by to catch a train and impressed about Lucie's playing he approached her saying" It's very courageous for a girl to play here!...". Days later Lucie sent him the first EP of the band and, liking what he heard, Arthur phoned Lucie & Marco asking if the band would play Live with him  on a few dates . The first appearance by" Arthur Brown & Instant Flight" was at the Hawkfest (Festival oganized by Hawkwind) in Preston, 2003, creating a bond bewtween them for which Arthur accepted being a guest on Instant Flight first album a year later.  "Colours & Lights" had very nice reviews & Instant Flight played in  & out of U.K., in Spain, Italy, France & Czech Republic. Among regular London performances on 22/07/06 they opened for the Nikki Sudden tribute night at Dirty Waters Club (Nikki Sudden met Marco on a plane from Berlin a year before and after hearing Instant Flight first album he wrote an email to Marco  with the words: " Marco, your music sends shivers down my spine!" ).

2008 was the year of their second album "Endless Journey" (released by Headspin Records, label under "Clearspot", renowned music distrubution company based in Holland) with the arrival of John O'Sullivan (Bass & Backing vocals) replacing Andrew Browning.   Endless Journey also had very good reviews & it solidified  even more the Live sound of Instant Flight. After Lucie moved back to Prague for a year, Marco, John & James introduced keyboardist Charlie Bennett  in the band, performing mainly tunes from "Endless Journey" & "Colours & Lights" around London  in 2009/2010.

Feeling weiry of the band changes of line-up and general dissatisfacion Marco went on recording home demos & a few songs which had James Ovens on drums (only one of previous band members) and pianist Ramon Fontecilla.   With some of those recordings, combined with unreleased ones from their pre-Colours & Lights days, Marco felt there was already what could be a third album by Instant Flight and "Around The Gates Of Morning" was released in 2014 on CD (Rock'n'Rave Records) overlapping with the release of Marco's new band "Mark & The Clouds" and their first album "Blue Skies Opening" (CD & Vinyl, Mega Dodo Records).

"Around The Gates Of Morning" title track and other 5 songs from the album were recorded in 1999 by Marco (playing all guitars,bass & vocals) & drummer Ai Niikura - back then also Marco's wife - with a Roland 8-track digital recorder....same machine used to record the whole band for their second album "Enless Journey". The album still includes 6 songs with Lucie Rejchrtova' on keyboards and the rest of the band (3 remastered from their EP from 2001 and 3 completely unreleased).

According to many, "Around The Gates Of Morning" isn't any less significant than the first 2 albums.

Let's hope to hear more of INSTANT FLIGHT in the future !...and may them let us fly again !